Oprah Winfrey in front of inflatable Allure of the Seas cruise ship

1. Biggest Favorite Thing: A Cruise Ship
Audience members in the second "Ultimate Favorite Things Show" in 2010 were given a seven-day cruise on the (then-newly launched) Allure of the Seas, currently the world's largest cruise ship, with an ice-skating rink, a zip line, the first-ever 3-D movie theater at sea, and its very own park. "Cruising, of course, is one of my favorite things," Oprah told the audience. "And you are going to have the time of your lives."
Key Lime Bundt Cake

2. Speed at Which a Small-Business Voice Mail Fills Up After the Show: Every 45 Seconds
In 2003, Florida bakery We Take the Cake made only $168,000 a year in sales. After Oprah named their Key Lime Bundt Cake a Favorite Thing, the owner, Lori Karmel, told CNBC, "Our voice mail was filling up every 45 seconds—and our phones rang nonstop for two weeks."
Rachael Ray and Oprah Winfrey

3. Biggest Favorite Things Show Blunder: 2008
The audience—after noticing the set had been decorated for the holidays—thought they'd scored the hottest ticket in television. Due to the recession, though, producers had chosen to feature "How to Have the Thriftiest Holiday Ever." (One suggestion: an embellished empty shoe box.) In 2011, on the "Bloopers, Blunders, and Funniest 'What Were We Thinking' Moments" episode, Oprah said: "You know the saying that it's the thought that counts? Three years ago, we learned that's not always true. I went back into the control room during that show, and I go, 'I think they're mad at me.'"
Oprah Winfrey with biscuits

4. Cheapest Favorite Thing: $2.99 Frozen Biscuits
"On Christmas morning, I plan on making my new favorite biscuits," Oprah said on the 2002 Favorite Things show. She chose Pillsbury Home Baked Classics frozen biscuits, saying: "Andre, who does my hair every morning, said, 'Girl, I found a biscuit! It's so good, it's treacherous.' Your grandmother has nothing on these biscuits."
Oprah Winfrey in pajamas and Bugs Bunny slippers

5. The Very First Favorite Thing: Pajamas
On November 27, 1996, Oprah came onstage in her red-and-white checkered Karen Neuburger pajamas, dancing to the song "My Favorite Things," and said: "There is nothing I like more than going home after a long day and wrapping myself up in these jammies..."
Oprah Winfrey in front of silhouette of Volkswagen Beetle

6. Most Expensive Favorite Thing: Volkswagen Beetle
Oprah owns a Volkswagen Beetle and says she loves to "toodle" around town in it. In 2010, this audience found out that they had been given the 2012 model ($18,995). "This is one powerful, sophisticated, sexy Beetle," Oprah said. "All of you in this audience will be the first people in the world to own one when it makes its debut next year!"
Oprah Winfrey presenting the iPad as her number one Favorite Thing

7. Instances a Gift Arrived with Angel Wings from Above: Once
Oprah called the iPad her number one Favorite Thing ever. "Now, I know it's wrong to be in love with a thing," she explained, "but from our first moment together, I knew it had stolen my heart. Cue the angels!"
Judith Ripka yellow crystal earrings

8. Smallest Favorite Thing: Yellow Crystal Earrings
A little over an inch long, Judith Ripka's round-cut, canary yellow crystals come in a sterling silver setting with pavé white sapphires. They're still available at Neiman Marcus.
Oprah Winfrey sits in throne holding yellow dog slicker

9. Number of Pet-Friendly Gifts: 2
"This next one is a perfect present for the dog in your life," Oprah told the audience in 1999. "And it's what I'm going to give to Sophie and Solomon. ... Tell me this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen: a little slicker." (In 2000, she picked the Wiggly Giggly Ball.)
Johnny Mathis and Josh Groban

10. Mr. Christmas Carol: Josh Groban
The only performer to have been a part of two Favorite Things shows, Josh Groban was brought back because Oprah had said her dream Christmas duo would be Groban and Johnny Mathis. Both appeared on the final Favorite Things show in 2010.
Oprah Winfrey and women in pajamas

11. Number of Items That Are...
Green: 20
From socks and soaps to sweaters and boots, all were in Oprah's favorite color.

Sets of Pajamas: 6
Includes Piggy Pajamas' owl-bedecked pajamas in 2010. "I sent a pair to J.K. Rowling on the off chance that she's running low on owl memorabilia," Oprah said.

Candles: 4
Illumination from Barneys, the Gap, Light for the Soul Candle & Bowl.
Loyola University spirit team

12. The Year of Not Just Elves but...Wonder Elves: 2004
The Loyola University spirit team served as Oprah's holiday helpers, passing out her Favorite Things to audience members.
Oprah's Favorite Things 2012 logo

13. Total Number of Favorite Things as of November 2012: 402
Total still available: More than 350