"Considering how the media loves sex, it's surprising that we haven't seen the headline 'Study Shows Daily Masturbation Reduces Stress, Invigorates Heart, and Prolongs Life.' It's just another example of the taboo shrouding this simple sexual activity, because all of that is true!" — From The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex (which I have recommended so many times I should get a percentage) is not as funny as Nerve magazine's sex and dating columnists Em and Lo in The Big Bang nor as funky as "the laid-back doctor-is-in" in Getting It On—but it is the best in the sense of being useful for absolutely everyone. Old, young, fit, disabled, gay, straight or working out the details, this book tells you, shows you and reassures you. Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation day, Christmas and Kwanza—a few days after they stop blushing, people will thank you.


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