I thought I appreciated nature and understood my place in the world—until I started watching the Discovery Channel's remarkable series Planet Earth. It made me fall deeply, profoundly in love with her…Mother Earth. It made me see myself and all of us supposedly intelligent beings differently. I really got how we share the planet with every other species and how much we can learn from them. It made me respect every one of them: the caribou, whales, lynx, lions, elephants, and especially the ants.

Watching Planet Earth, you get to witness the circle of life: the fox stealing eggs from the goose, even stealing her newborns. You feel sad for the goose, but then you see that the fox has six hungry babies of her own—that's why she stole the goslings.

You get to see the effects of global warming: the melting in Antarctica, the polar bear swimming for miles and miles looking for ice on which to stand.

It is the most beautiful, wondrous, and truly majestic series—the best thing I've ever seen on TV.

I know that the universe is already blessing the brave crews that weathered the heat, the dust, the storms, the freezing cold—and waited sometimes six months to get a single shot.

Now, all through the day and especially when meditating, I think of the wide shot of our living globe that's shown in every episode. I think of myself and all my human colleagues and the rest of the animal, plant, ocean, desert, and arctic communities where the circle of life goes on and on. What I know for sure: It is a marvel and a miracle to be here on planet Earth.

— Oprah


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