With beauty editors everywhere reporting on exciting innovations in home haircolor technology, Jenny decided to do a little experimenting with the latest L'Oréal Paris highlighting kit, Touch-On Highlights ($13; drugstores). It comes with a bristled thimble that you use to apply the dye along thin strips of hair. The process is simple:

hair dye powder into mixing bowl 1. Shake the highlighting powder into a mixing bowl.

hair dye developer adding to powder 2. Pour the peroxide developer into the bowl.

hair dye developer and powder mixing and turning blue 3. Stir together peroxide developer and highlighting powder and watch mixture turn blue (the better to see where you're applying it).

stirring hair dye with thimbled index finger 4. Dip thimbled index finger into mixture.

running hair dye through strands of hair 5. Slowly draw bristles through dry, tangle-free hair.

I highlighted six sections of hair—three on each side of my natural part—and overall was rather pleased with my handiwork. The color I chose (Toasted Almond) came out a touch brassier than I would have liked, though. I'd neglected to do a strand test (always do a strand test!), so I didn't know exactly how long to let the dye process, and probably waited a bit too long to rinse it out. But with a little luck, practice should make perfectly sun-kissed. — JB

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Photos: Donna Alberico
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