A facelift without surgery? I like the concept! The Bring It Up Instant Face Lift! ($20; promises to tighten and tone facial sagging with invisible tape applied deftly around the hairline. The backing on the tape is labeled with placement directions. You peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive, stick one end of the tape to clean, dry skin, and then, gathering the loose skin you want to tighten, pull it up under the tape.

The (main) problem: Unless your closest relative is a Shar-Pei, you probably won't have enough skin to gather. I went ahead anyway; I wanted to know if the tape could be seen under my hair. It couldn't. Unless there were a breeze. Or I were on a date and things were progressing in such a way that I might want to lie down. That, my friends, would be a very sticky situation indeed. — VM

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