Multisensory perception is life changing. It allows us to see what is nonphysical as well as what is physical. Everyone's life is changing in this way. We are becoming more aware of intuition. We have more to pay attention to.

There is no single way to experience intuition. It is different for everyone. Do you know anyone who is exactly like you—who weighs the same, has the same color hair and the same length arms? That is not possible because each of us is different.

The same is true of intuition. Some people have hunches. Some get ideas. Some people hear music, and others see pictures. Some people get sensations, like the feeling of a crisp winter day. Others hear words, like I did with Grandmother Libby. None is the correct, or the only, way.

You can find your way by paying attention to what is happening inside of you. This is the biggest difference between five-sensory perception and multisensory perception: The five senses require you to pay attention to what is outside of you. Intuition requires that you pay attention to what is happening within.

Gary Zukav is the author of Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power. This article is from his book, Soul Stories.

Connect With Your Intuition


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