It's resolution-making time and, like clockwork, we're asked (as we ask ourselves over and over again) how to have a healthier, wealthier and slightly thinner year than the one before. We've gathered the best advice from the pages of the magazine to answer the seeming-impossible questions of how to lose weight or how to find head-over-heels happiness. Before you make that next round of resolutions, take a look at the strategies that we've found—finally!—make all the difference.

I lost the weight, but why do the pounds keep coming back?
Tired, anxious, food obsessed: If this year is starting to feel—and look, particularly around the midriff—like last year, there is still hope for achieving lasting Thinner Peace. Martha Beck's solutions for yo-yo and rebound waist-watchers could mean that you'll never have to diet again.

How can I get my financial life in order?
Suze Orman's monthly program will help you protect the money you have and grow the wealth you deserve. Start your journey right now with step One. Face your financial fears!

How can I quit smoking?
It's a disgusting and filthy habit, but you already know that. Sometimes, it even makes you feel like a pariah, yet you still puff away. We challenged O readers to give up the cancer sticks, and met five women who did. Learn the tips that helped them kick the habit forever.

How do I start my own business?
Two hairstylists, a cookie maker and a believer in flower power...find out how these real women took an idea from a gleam in the eye to self-made success.

How can I get more energy?
Yes, you need to get enough sleep, water, nutrients, and exercise. However, 70 percent of our total energy is emotional—the kind that manifests as hope, resilience, passion, fun, and enthusiasm. Free yourself from eight energy-sapping drainers.

How can I feel better about myself?
You're fabulous and you (sort of) know it—now it's time to believe it. We went to experts in emotional and social intelligence to find these three proven confidence-building exercises!


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