Six ways to put a little vroom in your grooming.
Some people like to boast about their driving shortcuts ("54 minutes, door-to-door!"). We get giddy about makeup ("8 minutes, cleanser-to-mascara!"). So when we uncovered these step-skipping products, we took out our stopwatch (literally) and counted, to the second, how much time we could trim from our beauty routine. Try one (or all) when you don't have a minute to lose.

1. We're lotion junkies. But after lathering up with Olay Body Wash plus Crème Ribbons ($4), we weren't jonesing for our postshower fix. Its powerful moisturizers leave skin silky...and us ready to get dressed. Time saved: 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

2. Remember the rule about never flatironing wet hair? Forget it. The T3 Tourmaline Wet-or-Dry Ionic Ceramic Iron ($200) safely straightens and dries in one pass (steam evaporates through holes in its plates, so there's no danger of singeing). Time saved: 9 minutes.

3. Layering is a great concept when you're dressing for the slopes; it's a tedious one in your morning makeup regimen. CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Liquid Makeup ($10) lets you streamline your sunscreen, moisturizer, and concealer routine. It evens skin tone, has SPF 10, and hydrates with vitamins B5 and E. Time saved: 2 minutes.

4. The Creative Nail Design Glossing Buffer Block ($5.50) gives nails a just-polished look, without the polish—so you can skip the "Are they dry yet?" countdown and move on. The green side smooths ridges; flip to the white one to buff nails to a shiny finish. Time saved: 12 minutes, 10 seconds.

5. Pond's Exfoliating Clean Sweep Towelettes ($6) remove makeup, cleanse, and exfoliate in one fell swoop. The flat side wipes away even the most tenacious mascara; turn it over for microbeads that gently slough away flakes. Time saved: 3 minutes, 20 seconds.

6. When there's just no time for makeup that requires a brush—or a mirror—roll Lorac Sheer Wash Lip/Cheek Tint in Sheer Emotion ($17.50) over lips and the apples of your cheeks and blend with your finger. Its raspberry tint is subtle enough to apply on-the-fly, and this mini vial stashes easily in any purse or pocket. Time saved: 1 minute.


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