Snack Food
Finding a healthy morsel at movie theaters and in vending machines is almost impossible—and airports are the worst. It's like they're trying to make us die of heart disease by the time we board.

The Political Apology
I'd like to see a politician actually be remorseful, and not just for getting caught. Or they could take the advice of my middle school principal: Don't be sorry, be different.

Respect for Women's Health
Planned Parenthood provides the only access to affordable healthcare that many women ever see, including cancer screenings, prenatal care, and breast exams. Yet as soon as a budget needs trimming, politicians start clamoring to cut their funds and throw women under the bus.

The News
Scandals, name-calling, and semi-naked politicians belong on TMZ, not C-SPAN.

The Handshake
The Obamas got it right: A fist bump is much more hygienic.

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