Global Views Jewelry Box

Treasury Department
Keep your precious jewels and favorite baubles tucked away in these hardy faux-malachite jewelry boxes. They're roomy, too—the bigger version is about the size of a toaster oven. 

Global Views, $200 for small box, $260 for large;
Cooks by JCPenney Smiley Face Pan

Funny Face
If you have fussy young eaters in your life, charm them with this grinning pancake griddle (cast aluminum, nonstick), with a different expression for every day of the week. 

Cooks by JCPenney, $30;
Nomad Footwear rubber loafers

Home and Dry
Make commuting cuter with these water-resistant rubber shoes—carefree cousins to the rain boot, they can also double as casual loafers. 

$40 per pair;
Graphic Images diaries

Dear Diaries
Blog, schmog—people with a lot on their minds can get it all down in one of these handsome leather journals, padlocked for privacy. 

$98 each;

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LL Bean vests

Vested Interest
Fleece accents and a quilted shell help create an ideally unbulky layering piece for unpredictable autumn weather. 

$50 each;
AJ Morgan glass case

You Can See Clearly Now...
You no longer need X-ray vision to know which glasses are where—these cases offer full transparency. 

$6 each;
Ikea PS Stoff blanket

Blanket Policy
Use these plush blankets as throws or for snuggling—the lightweight wool blend is warm but not scratchy. 

Ikea "PS Stoff," $20 each; for stores
Lovin Scoopful ice cream

Sweetness and Light
This is ice cream with fringe benefits—it has half the fat of the regular stuff, and 25 percent of profits go to the Special Olympics. 

$4 for 1.65 liters; for stores
Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

Small Wonder
Produce National Geographic–worthy shots with the world's tiniest underwater camera (this side of the pros), featuring a 3x zoom and ultracrisp resolution. 

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP, $180;
Kisha Kids Childrens Clock

It's About Time
When Kisha Holt was decorating her children's rooms, she couldn't find products featuring African-American kids—so she started designing her own, such as this vintage-inspired wall clock. 

Olivier Napa Valley oils

You've Struck Oil
Subtle yet zesty, these multipurpose medleys can be sopped up with bread, tossed over salads, or marinated with chicken. 

Olivier Napa Valley, $14.50 each;
Iman Global Chic rings

Flash Forward
Switching your look from daytime chic to evening pizzazz is as easy as slipping on one of Iman's eye-catching cocktail rings. 

Iman Global Chic, $70 each;

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