Floral candles from DaynaDecker.com

Catch the Bouquet
Here's why this is not just another pretty candle: It's made from eco-friendly natural wax, its wood wick burns cleaner than a cotton one, and its 10 botanical fragrances are an instant breath of summer, even on a chilly October night.

$54 for 6-ounce candle; DaynaDecker.com

Washable laptop case from BuiltNY.com

Spot On
This machine-washable laptop case is made from the same neoprene used to make wet suits. Why is that important? Because it will not only do an exceptional job of protecting your computer but also be more than happy to go snorkeling with you.

$40, Built; BuiltNY.com

The Frisper Freshkeeper

Seal of Approval
Hard to believe that a device the size of your palm has the power and speed of a professional vacuum sealer. The Frisper Freshkeeper guarantees you a fridge full of food that's really, really…frispy.

$80, includes five 1-quart and five 1-gallon bags; Oliso.com

Pencils topped with Swarovsky crystals from RedStamp.com

Pencil Sharpener
Whether you're writing a shopping list or a long letter to an old friend, you'll have more fun if your pencil is topped with a sparkling Swarovski crystal.

$7 each, Piffl Pen; RedStamp.com

Psi Bands from RiteAid.com

Grace Under Pressure
Some like Psi Bands because they use acupressure to help relieve nausea caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, and chemotherapy. But we like 'em because they're cute.

$15 each, Psi Bands; RiteAid.com

Banana bread from HannahBananaBread.com

The Best of Bread
You can pop this simple, delicious banana bread in the microwave and slather it with cream cheese, or you can serve it straight up. Either way, coffee never had it so good.

$6 per mini loaf; HannahBananaBread.com

Tea infuser from Trudeau

Some Like It Hot
Great design meets great pampering: The matching saucer of this silicone tea infuser doubles as a rest for the infuser and a lid to keep your tea from getting cold.

$6, Trudeau; LaprimaShops.com

Faux-croc belts from TerryStack.com

Crocodile Rocks
The buckles are sold separately, so you can mix and match colors on these faux-croc embossed leather belts.

$6 for buckle and $44 for belt strap; TerryStack.com

Magnifying mirror from Kimball and Young

Up Close and Personal
How well do you know your face? This ultrasleek magnifying mirror will acquaint you with every single pore. You may want a glass of wine before taking your first peek.

$110, Kimball & Young; MirrorsPlus.com

Tory Burch rain shoes

Stormy Weather
Remember how your mother would stick you in those preppy duck shoes whenever it rained? Well, it turns out Mom was just being fashion forward. Here is an irresistibly chic patent-leather revival of your old nemesis.

$195 per pair; ToryBurch.com

Vegetable peeler by Zyliss

A Peeling Alternative
Why should you be barely scraping by when this battery-operated oscillating vegetable peeler does the job in a snap?

$20 each, Zyliss; Amazon.com

Cashmere sweaters from Old Navy

What Price Cashmere?
These Johnny collar cashmere sweaters work with everything from jeans to a black pencil skirt and provide a luxurious bang for your hard-earned buck.

$50; OldNavy.com

Picture frames from PearHead.com

Best in Show
True puppy love definitely requires a keepsake or two. Consider this charming frame with a picture on one side and an impression of your pet's paw on the other.

$35; PearHead.com