Pet pillows from

Photo: Keate  

Pet Project
Witty, charming, chic—here's a playful way to wake up a tired sofa.

$74 to $86 each, depending on size; Pillow, PetPillow, Pillow,

Pudding cake from Sticky Toffee Pudding Co.

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Life Is Sweet
This sticky toffee pudding cake is made with fresh dates soaked in vanilla and espresso. Pop the individual serving in your microwave, then drizzle with the buttery toffee sauce that's included. It's the sexiest English creation since Colin Firth.

$30 for six;

Steak knives by Legnoart

Photo: Keate  

Take a Stab at It
Jane Jetson meets Julia Child with these ultramodern steak knives that stand on the counter for easy access, then collapse into a little bundle for storage.

$124 for set of six; Legnoart,

Lafco candles

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A Glowing Review
These soy-based candles in reusable handblown glass containers are designed to complement the ambiance of every room—think Cilantro Orange for the kitchen and Redwood for the den.

$52 each; Lafco New York

Tory Burch sweater

Photo: Keate  

Vintage Tory
Leave it to Tory Burch to design this merino wool cardigan with a classic '60s vibe. It's as cool as it is warm.

$250 each;

USB drive by Take

Photo: Keate  

Better Safe Than Sorry
For all its bells and whistles—government-grade encryption technology, DataLock PIN-pad protection—this "smart" drive with USB compatibility is shockingly easy to use and a totally safe haven for all your personal data. The James Bond feature: It destroys its contents upon forced entry.

$60, Take;

Fred Flare bike locks

Photo: Keate  

On Guard
This lock practically hisses, "Don't even think about going near my bike!"

$34 each;

Nike gym bag

Photo: Keate  

Gym Dandy
Here's a bag that's got everything from a detachable shoulder strap to a mesh water bottle pocket to a shoe compartment. All you have to provide are the stomach crunches.


Goat cheese from Cypress Grove Chevre

Photo: Keate  

Cheese, Glorious Cheese
We see two good options here: You can try spreading this velvety goat cheese studded with black truffles on a cracker, or you can try spreading it over a loved one. Either way, it's utterly sublime.

$19 for three-quarters of a pound;

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