Raise your hand if you've ever been given a sparkly pair of pierced earrings, despite the fact that your lobes are hole-free. It feels a bit like being set up on a blind date with somebody who wears a fanny pack and speaks only Portuguese. What in God's name was the person who came up with this little match thinking? Actually, they weren't thinking. So here's our present-picking mantra: If it's the thought that counts—then have one! There is an art to selecting exactly the right gift for somebody. You must take note when they happen to mention the darling birdhouse that caught their eye. You must listen up when they refer to the obscure author they love. Or the fact that their bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint. It's all about paying attention. Here are fabulous, well-priced ideas to get you started. Needless to say, you can always spend more—we'd like to suggest that you spend it on a favorite charity !

Cashmere socks Perfect Presents
Cashmere socks, ingenious fragrance sticks, stand-out ornaments, a bounty of men's toiletries... See hundreds of knockout gifts in every price range:
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Philosophy lotion Oprah's Favorites Under $100
Hope in a jar, five of Oprah's favorite books, and the best turkey you'll ever taste.
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Lush charity pot Gifts That Give Back
You can find hundreds of goodies for your friends and family—and help save the world.
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Photo album Oprah.com Exclusives!
Even more terrific presents, and you'll only find them here! O staffers share their best strategies to get through the holidays without breaking the bank.
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Easy food gifts Stir! Mix! Bake! Give!
If the idea of producing a batch of homemade gifts sounds intimidating, consider this: We have a plan for crossing your entire shopping list off at once.
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Gift books A Few of Our Favorite Reads
Vibrant art, roaming polar bears, distant lands, and a view of Africa unlike you've ever seen...
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