Olive and Bettes socks

Happy Feet
In delectable two-tones (pale blue and orange, pink and yellow), Ilux's double dose of cashmere-blend socks—for men and women—is a sure thing. 

$42 for two pairs; OliveandBettes.com

Please Pencil In...
...these ingenious fragrance sticks. Their silky tips glide over pulse points, leaving a delicate scent behind. Each is a variation on Clinique's Happy perfume (a fresh floral); use one at a time or layer them. Sharpener included. 

$30; Clinique.com
Still Life Gifts tree ornaments

Natural Ornaments
Real leaves preserved with 24kt gold, silver, or copper coating prove that nature is our finest artist. They add nondenominational sparkle to a tree or holiday package. 

$35 each; StillLifeGifts.com
Project Green Label T-shirt

Root Cause
Tree huggers will embrace an organic-cotton jersey tee that's all heart. A portion of profits benefits the Arbor Day Foundation, whose members plant more than 9 million trees each year. 

$32 with code OPRAH; ProjectGreenLabel.com
The Magnolia Company tree seedlings

Future Forest
Well-grounded packaging—jute sacks, leaf-motif ribbon—gets these oak, pine, and magnolia tree seedlings off to a good start. Later you can move them to the yard.

The Magnolia Company, $26 to $42 each; SeedsofLife.com
Dominique de Canton liquer

Tread Gingerly
As refreshing on the rocks as in cocktails, Domaine de Canton liqueur has an unexpectedly vibrant ginger flavor. It's made with Vietnamese baby ginger and cognac and comes in a bottle that looks like an architectural masterpiece. 

$34; Bevmo.com
Ross Simons petal earrings

Petal Power
These flower-shaped cultured-pearl studs are a ladylike way for a mom or grandmom to get in on the current pearl craze. 

Ross-Simons, $30; QVC.com
Tocs watches

A Tick with a Kick
Wrist candy revisited: Round or barrel-shaped, some with stylized, surreal-looking numbers, Tocs boost neutral clothes with a hit of Crayola color. 

$50 each; TocsWatches.com
Zapi toothbrush holders

Freshen Up
A germ killer has never looked so cute. Keep this topple-proof toothbrush holder sinkside and hit the button once a day to activate a UV light that destroys nearly 100 percent of bacteria. 

Zapi, $30 each; VioLight.com
Tec Touch gloves

The iPod in Winter
The perpetually plugged-in no longer have to pull off their gloves to browse through their tunes. Tec Touch gloves ensure convenient scrolling and texting with "digital zones" on the thumb and forefinger.

$40; 180s.com
The Vegetable Box

Garden Variety
Thrill your vegetable-loving friends. The Vegetable Box, shaped like a mini produce crate, contains 14 tiny cookbooks (with titles like Carrots and Leeks and Corn and Tomatoes) and dozens of sumptuous recipes. 

$35; Amazon.com
Torre and Tagus Designs teacups

Two for Tea
That Jane Austen–reading friend who throws mad tea parties will be amused by this mirror-bright, vividly colored, infinitely whimsical china. 

Torre & Tagus Designs, $44 for two cups and saucers; ILoveUma.com
Monogrammed bottle stoppers

A Corking Good Idea
Knock-knock jokes notwithstanding, antique porcelain doorknobs make charming monogrammed bottle stoppers—for wine, olive oil, you name it. 

$32 to $35 each; KnobStoppers.com
Enchanted Gingerbread house

It's a Piece of Cake
The busy mothers we know love this totally edible gingerbread cottage because there's no baking or assembling—just decorating (candy and premade frosting included). 

$45; EnchantedGingerBread.com
Carved Solutions soap

Good, Clean Fun
We're in a lather about this Vermont-made trio of fresh-smelling, perfect-size soaps stamped with the recipient's name or initials or emblazoned with holiday motifs. 

$30; CarvedSolutions.com
Dr. Sharon's Am I Dreaming aromatherapeutic sleep relaxation kit

The Insomniac's Dream
Turn a hotel room into the land of nod with Am I Dreaming, an aromatherapeutic sleep/relaxation kit from alternative health practitioner Dr. Sharon. Includes essential oils, an under-the-pillow dispenser, and a scented candle. 

$48; DrSharonInc.com 
Sephora beauty set

Tiers of Joy
One gift, 159 new additions to the lucky recipient's makeup repertoire. This palette is smaller than most laptops but folds out to reveal 84 eyeshadows, 60 lip glosses, six blushes, seven makeup brushes, an eyeliner, and a lip liner—an embarrassment of riches. 

$48; Sephora.com
Art Tie by Meine Ware

The Artful Tie
Give a daughter or son a plain white necktie and paint set, and soon Dad will own an original artwork. For each sale, $2 goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Art Tie by Meine Ware, $50, Saks Fifth Avenue; 877-612-7257
SPIRAL foundation napkin rings

Helping Handicrafts
These ecologically sound (they're recycled plastic wrappers!) napkin rings and matching box (six colorful napkins included) help to finance the SPIRAL Foundation's humanitarian aid projects in Nepal. 

$40; SpiralFoundation.org
Aveda foot and hand cream

Worldly Goods
What's on the outside really does count: Aveda's superquenching hand and foot creams are packaged in stunning handcrafted Nepalese paper boxes that help create jobs for more than 1,000 people—and make school a reality for their children. 

$40; Aveda.com