Oprah ornament

The Well-Rounded Ornament
O joy! A radiant way to greet the season.

$8; TheOprahStore.com
Pocket mirrors

Mirror, Mirror
Any self-regarding woman will welcome a pocket mirror, brightly slipcased in leather, to check for mascara tracks, lettuce in teeth, and other facial pitfalls.

$19 each; BaekGaardLtd.com
Bumble and Bumble hair elastics

Fantastic Elastics
This brilliant ball of 100 vividly colored elastics will provide your favorite long-haired woman (or girl, or man, or Lhasa Apso) with a steady supply of ponytail holders throughout 2009.

$20; BumbleandBumble.com
Every Man Jack mens shaving set

Shaving Grace
Men's face wash, shaving cream, and lotion come with a toiletry bag and three travel-size products (a body wash, two-in-one shampoo, and body bar)—all for $10. We called the company twice to make sure it wasn't a typo.

$10; EveryManJack.com

Classic with a Twist
More challenging than the square old black-and-whites, the latest take on dominoes requires a fit and a match for each piece. It also makes a singular snaky pattern on the table. 

Bendomino, $17; Target.com
Target candlesticks

Instant Heirlooms
Add elegance to someone's dinner table for the price of a couple of movie tickets: These sensational candlesticks do a remarkable impersonation of silver-lined mercury glass. 

$10 to $11 each; Ikea-USA.com
Customizable credit cards

Card Sharp
Ingenious online software lets you use your own photos to create customized Visa gift cards; $1 per card goes to Toys for Tots, a Marine Corps charity. 

$10 to $250, plus $6 for card; GiftCardLab.com
Mine Designs candles

Chalk It Up
Get personal when you're cooking for company: Write guests' names on scented chalkboard candles (colored chalk is provided). Voilà—unusual, reusable place cards or take-home party favors. 

$24 each; MineDesignCandles.com
Piggy banks

Squeal Appeal
Even if you don't save a cent, these handpainted polka-dot piggy banks are too adorable to pass up. Give a large one or a porcine family group. 

$20 to $47 each; ElegantBaby.com
Eddie Bauer gloves

De-Icing the Easy Way
For those brrrutally frigid mornings, this combination glove and scraper defrosts hands while cleaning the windshield. 

$15 each; EddieBauer.com