1800 Flowers arrangement

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Growth Industry
Think of this gift as a small garden or a big vase. The wooden base has votive-size holes that you fill with flowers. Perfect for those who pine for spring.

Flower Trug by Jane Carroll; $99; 1800Flowers.com

BloemBox flower seeds

Photo: Hayley Harrison

Seed of an Idea
These pretty boxes come with a paper strip of seeds that couldn't be easier to plant. Just dig a little trough, lay in the strip, cover with soil, water, and watch the seeds bloom into colors and fragrances that are guaranteed to attract butterflies and happiness.

$16 and up; to buy individually, check stores at BloemBox.com

Bionic Gloves gardening gloves

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Get a Grip
Created by a hand surgeon, these gardening gloves are incredibly easy to work in, and they kind of look like something gardeners on Star Trek might wear.

Rose Gardening gloves; $45; BionicGloves.com
Crocs knee pad

Photo: Gregor Halenda

The Bee's Knees  
Whether you're working in the garden or kneeling next to the tub shampooing a toddler, this slip-resistant, antimicrobial knee pad is a real joint saver.

Crocs Kneeler; $15; Crocs.com
Radius Garden Tools

Photo: Gregor Halenda

The Brightest Tools in the Shed
Not only is this gardening equipment surprisingly lightweight, but the handles are a little thicker than conventional ones and the grip is designed to follow the curve of your palm, which means less stress on hands and wrists.

Radius Garden Tools; $13 each; DBSRetail.com
Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-Pail

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Summer in the City
Don't let the fact that you have a sunny windowsill instead of a sunny yard keep you from growing a lush garden. Inside these reusable pails, you'll find soil, seeds, drainage peanuts, everything you need for a breath of August all year round.

$25 for mini; $40 for large; www.pottingshedcreations.com
Angela's Garden Gardening Gloves and Hat

Photo: Keate

Dress for Gardening Success
The cotton gloves come with a lanolin-infused kidskin leather palm and reinforced fingertips for digging. The hat has an adjustable brow band, and the fabrics for both pieces have a built-in ultraviolet protection factor of 45—put them on and start growing.

$24.50 for Fabric Back Gloves; $22 for Brim Hat; Angelas-Garden.com