Section I: Your Mind/Your Body

Chapter 1: Diet and Exercise
Sample story:
Can You Think Yourself Fat?

Chapter 2: Health
Sample story:
25 Burning Health Questions

Chapter 3: Beauty/Style
Sample story:
The Laser's Edge 

Chapter 4: Balance
Sample story:
12 Ways to Unclutter Your Life 

Chapter 5: Happiness
Sample story: 
5 Things Happy People Do

Chapter 6: Confidence
Sample story: 
The Self-Esteem Repair Kit

Chapter 7: Spirituality
Sample story: 
The Doubter's Dilemma

Section II: Dating, Mating, Relating

Chapter 1: Couples
Sample story:
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Scram

Chapter 2: Talking and Listening
Sample story:
The Perfect Comeback

Chapter 3: Family
Sample story:
The Other Man

Section III: Do Something!

Chapter 1: Making Friends with Your Money
Sample story:
25 Solid-Gold Ways to Save Money (Without Giving Up Your Latte)

Chapter 2: Make a Connection
Sample story:
Chokra Love

Chapter 3: Giving Back
Sample story:
An Operation Called Hope


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