Tina Frey design ball necklace

Have a Ball
Even Nora Ephron would feel good about her neck if she had one of these around it! They're sculpted by artist Tina Frey before being molded, cast in resin, and hand-finished to create a look that's cool, playful, and modern.

$220 each; TinaFreyDesigns.com
Fabrizio Gianni Lycra jacket

You're the Tops
It's the touch of Lycra that makes these rayon V-neck tees sleek and chic for wearing under a suit jacket.

$90 each; Fabrizio-Gianni.com
Michael Wainwright 24kt gold rimmed mugs

Mug Shot
Looking to splurge on a wedding present? These mugs are rimmed in 24kt gold. See if the newlyweds think hot chocolate tastes better in them.

$100 each, including saucer, Michael Wainwright; WainwrightStore.com
Kikkerland Design step stool

Step Right Up
This brilliantly designed step stool folds flat so you can store it anywhere. It's there when you need it, disappears when you don't, and is strong enough to really support you. If only there were more men with these qualities.

$21, Kikkerland Design; KikkerlandShop.com
Pocket Peepers

Vision Quest
Do you spend the best years of your life fishing for reading glasses at the bottom of your bag? This credit card–size reading lens is virtually scratchproof and fits right into your wallet.

$10 each, Pocket Peepers; ShopIntuition.com
Self-adhesive gift wrap

Photo: Gregor Halenda

Stuck on You
We have seen the future of gift wrapping, and it's self-adhesive paper. You'll never go back to tape after trying this stuff.

$5 per 30-inch-by-10-foot roll; Hallmark.com for Hallmark Gold Crown stores
Vornado fan

A Fan for All Seasons
Show us a woman who thinks November is an odd time to tell you about an adorable minifan that sits on your desk and circulates a delightful breeze, and we'll show you a woman who hasn't had her first hot flash.

$25; Vornado.com
Sondra Roberts faux-lizard wallet

Four-Part Harmony can we leave the four in this case
The separate sections of this faux-lizard wallet keep receipts, dollars, and foreign money completely compartmentalized—terrific for travel.

$25, Sondra Roberts; ShopIntuition.com
Baked Ideas yoga gingerbread men

You Are What You Eat
Not big on exercise? Well, here's a whole new way to introduce your body to yoga. We promise this is the best downward dog that you'll ever do.

$35 for 10; BakedIdeas.com