About this book: Since George Lister’s chemical plant closed down, Innertown has been a shadow of its former self. In the woods that once teemed with life, strange sickly plants grow. Homes that were once happy are threatened by a mysterious illness.

Here, a young boy named Leonard and his friends exist in a state of confusion and despair, as every year or so a boy from their school vanishes after venturing into the poisoned woods. Without conclusive evidence of foul play, the authorities consider the boys to be runaways.

The town policeman suspects otherwise but, paralyzed with fear, he does nothing. And so it is up to the children who remain to take action. Their plan to stop the forces of evil that are destroying their town is at the shocking and terrifying heart of The Glister .


What was your initial reaction to the disappearance of the boys? Were you expecting the story to go in a different direction?

2. The story is set in what as once an area of natural beauty, now defiled by pollution and neglect. Is The Glister an "environmental" novel? Who does the author imply is responsible for the environment's decay? Who suffers from its effects?

3. The novel is told from multiple perspectives, but Leonard is the only character whose thoughts are told in the first person. Why do you think this is? From where might he be telling the story?

4. Leonard remarks, "I can't help thinking that, if you want to stay alive, you have to love something." How does Leonard maintain a sense of optimism among his bleak surroundings? When and why does his attitude later shift?

5. How does Leonard feel about his mother? Is his attitude justified?

6. What do you think of the way sex is portrayed in the book? Did you find it shocking? What is the significance of the strangling game that Leonard plays with Elspeth?

7. Who is The Moth Man? Did you view him as a positive or a negative presence? Did your feelings about him change as the book progressed?

8. What happens when Alice encounters "the angel"? Is she redeemed? Saved?

9. What part does grace play in the book? What part does guilt play?

10. How did you read the book's final chapter? What is "The Glister"? Does the author set up a Schrödinger's Cat scenario, in which two possible but apparently contradictory endings happen simultaneously? Did the author mean to be ambiguous, or is there a definite interpretation?

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