11. What do you think of Godwin's conception of "bearing witness" in this story?

12. How is Mugabe's power tied to violence and fear? Would he be able to rule without recourse to them? Where else in the world do you see parallels with this combination of power, fear, and violence?

13. What do you make of the opposition leader of the MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai?

14. When police try to arrest him outside of a church, Godwin is joined by members of the congregation, who insist that the police will have to arrest all of them. How is united resistance more effective than solitary defiance?

15. In Zimbabwe, Godwin is repeatedly singled out for his whiteness. How has race been a part of the crisis there?

16. What were you most shocked by in Godwin's account? Who were its greatest heroes?

17. What were your ideas about Zimbabwe before reading The Fear?

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