Dry your hair faster.

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To Dry Your Hair
We know, we know: patience, virtue, blah, blah, blah. But when we're standing at the bathroom sink in the morning, trying to blow some style into our hair, it regularly occurs to us that we could be doing something more productive or (especially in the warmer months)...cooler. So we asked David Dieguez, the creative director of Blow Styling Salon in New York City, how to speed up a blow-dry. "Using a round vent brush [like the Goody Style So Smooth round brush, $8, above] will cut your drying time," he said. When you wrap a section of your hair around the barrel of the vent brush and blast it with the dryer, the air currents travel through the brush's open grates, simultaneously drying both sides of the section. With a flat, unvented brush, you can't cover as much surface area at once. And while that tornado of hot air whirls inside the brush's barrel, the heat infuses more volume into your style. 

Jessica Matlin