Dark nail polish

Photo: Gisel Florez/Studio D

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Remove Dark Polish
Just when we think we've seen it all, a beauty trick comes along to jolt us out of our jaded state. This time it was from Creative Nail Design manicurist Roxanne Valinoti, who told us how to remove even the darkest polish in one swipe. First, get (brilliant!) Graham Hands Down Ultra Nail and Cosmetic—cotton rounds that won't tear ($5 for 60; SallyBeauty.com). Apply cuticle oil around each nail bed (it will keep color from staining your fingertips), then saturate a pad with polish remover and hold it firmly over the nail for three seconds. "The acetone will penetrate the layers of color, and with a few small circular massaging motions, the polish will loosen," says Valinoti. "Then you can sweep it away in one movement—always toward the nail edge." Clean and simple.

Jenny Bailly