Are you vigilant about wearing sunscreen? Do you wear it all over? Do you wear it every day, rain or shine? And if you don't wear it, why not?
Bringing SPF in Your Life
In spite of having many family members (including myself) whose skin looks old before its time, it's only been recently that I've started using sunscreen regularly. I think my reluctance to do so in the past has been part laziness and part refusal to let go of my youthful "Who gives?" attitude. My mom talked me into using a facial moisturizing with sunscreen a few years ago, which was a step in the right direction but I still hated using sunscreen on the rest of my body. Then I discovered one of the greatest products I've ever used—body lotion with sunscreen. I use Lubriderm with SPF 15 and there may be others out there, too. Since I put on lotion every morning after I shower, covering myself in head-to-toe sunscreen requires no extra effort. And on those days when I don't think I'll be in the sun but end up getting some exposure, I don't have to worry. I still try to use some "real" sunscreen if I'm in the water or exposing an underexposed part of my body to the sun, but the body lotion with sunscreen has definitely been one of the greatest product discoveries of my life!
Julie Flannery
Bend, Oklahoma

A "Covered and Smothered" Son
When I was 20 years old, I lost my mother to a four and a half year fight with melanoma. She was 36 years old. I now live with the daily fear that my 3-year-old son could lose me to the same horrible disease. Because of this, I apply sunscreen every morning and reapply if I am going to spend anytime outside during that day. I also get annual skin checks and "mole mappings" for myself—having anything looking remotely questionable removed. I also take measures to make sure that my son is "covered and smothered" in sunscreen before leaving the house every day.
Beth Miller
Roanoke, Virginia


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