Puro eyeglasses

Totally circular updated grannies might make a round face look chubby, but they're terrific for balancing chiseled features. Morgenthal Frederics, "Puro," $395.
Carraway eyeglasses

Semirimless aviators of clean, streamlined metal wire delicately offset a bottom-heavy jaw. Oliver Peoples, "Carraway," $325.
Cora eyeglasses

No sharp corners on these snappy logo-print specs: They have a bookish, rectangular feel without being boxy. Coach, "Cora," $215.
Bevel Specs eyeglasses

Candy colors complement lighter skin; upswept corners and quirky cutout temples give a lift to the face. Bevel Specs, "8579," $450.
Gucci eyeglasses

Get intellectual with tortoiseshell in slim, classic rectangles—a great everyday shape. Gucci, "GG2976," $155.
Oliver Peoples eyeglasses

Pale, vintage-inspired glasses work on an oval face that's symmetrical (they're too subtle to correct imbalances). Oliver Peoples, "Noland," $315.
Salt Optics eyeglasses

Semirimless specs create optical illusions, like a more balanced-looking face. Pink-tipped temples (opticianspeak for the pieces that extend from eye to ear) add playful color. Salt Optics, "Heidi," $325.
Anne et Vale eyeglasses

Eyes sparkle (and look wider set) in metal frames lined with tan. Anne et Valentin, "Parole," $370. 
Vera Wang eyeglasses

These seriously chic glasses have a dip at the bridge, making the upper face seem narrower. Vera Wang, "V150," $180.
Oliver Peoples "Roxana" eyeglasses

The cat's-eye strategy uses upswept outer corners to lift and slim a chubby face. Oliver Peoples, "Roxana," $350.
Vogue eyeglasses

Straight lines make this cool blue-green pair with crystal accents a great complement for curves. Vogue Eyewear, "VO2486," $99.
Selima Opaque eyeglasses

Chunky red specs give extra definition, but save them for playtime; they're a bit adventurous for every day. Selima Optique, "George," $300.