Wahana Vellutini

Illustration: David Wyffels

10 of 40
"I was single until I was 20, and over the next two decades, I had nine children. My husband and I divorced when I turned 40. For the next 20 years, I raised my family and worked at a state prison, where I processed inmate records. At 61 I decided to retire; since then I've volunteered, taking 19 trips with nonprofit groups all over the world. I've taught English in China, Italy, India, Romania, Poland, and the Cook Islands. I've also done environmental work. In Peru, I helped a scientist survey a forest; in Belize, I collected data on seals and dolphins. Every day I do some sort of exercise, so I'm in good health. That's why I'm wondering what to do for the next 20 years. And maybe someday I'll write a book about my life for my great-grandchildren."