Am I Funny?

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Am I Funny?
Okay, let me ask a few more questions here.

Are you currently accessorized in any of the following: a lamp shade, clown shoes, plastic Groucho glasses attached to a phony nose and mustache?

Do you have a tendency to squirt people with a seltzer bottle, slip on banana peels, blow your nose into an 11-foot multicolored silk handkerchief?

Have you ever started a story with the words,"An aardvark and a tuba player walk into a bar..."?

Frankly, funny will always be in the eye and/or ear of the beholder. But for my money, a subversive wit, a deep appreciation of quirk and an unwavering willingness to say what we're all thinking beat anybody modeling a lampshade. In fact, I'd say if you answered no to any of the questions above, chances are you're on the right track.

—Lisa Kogan, O's Writer at Large