Structured top-handle bags

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The Secret Keeper
The idea of a perpetually organized purse sounds blissful. On the days—or weeks—when that's not even a remote possibility, a structured top-handle bag guarantees that no one can tell that you're carrying eight months of crumpled receipts, two powdery tins of busted Altoids, and half a dozen pens that don't write, not to mention your keys and cash. The handbag holds its form so well that it's the ideal style for the office, making you feel pulled together even on days when you hit snooze too many times to iron your shirt.

Top-handle bags are appropriate for any work environment, but pay attention to the color. If you plan on carrying it every day—or you work in a conservative office—go for a dark neutral, like tan, gray or black.

Clockwise from top left: Daubs bag, $50; Shopper with Braided Handles, $80; Alexis Barrel Satchel by Ivanka Trump, $150; Color Block Faceted Turn Lock Satchel, $70; Swanky-Grass Green satchel, $88;