Oprah: Some have said there's no passion when you two play each other.

Serena: Obviously, I want to win, and I'm sure my sister does, too. Venus, don't you want to win?

Venus: Yes! I don't have anything to say if someone believes we aren't passionate enough. If we aren't, then they should come out and show us how to do it.

Serena: When we were younger, it was difficult for me to play Venus because she'd always beat me so badly. I had to improve just so I could stay in the game. Even now when we practice together, I have to watch out because she'll just blow me off the court.

Oprah: But you're ranked number one.

Serena: Now I am!

Oprah: Venus, as the big sister, is part of your goal to take away that ranking?

Venus: As Venus the tennis player, my goal is to be the best at what I do. Honestly, Serena was just unbelievable in 2002. She was just too good.

Oprah: When you're not on the road, don't you two share a nine-bedroom estate with your dogs?

Venus: Yes—a pit bull and a Yorkie.

Oprah: Does either of you cook? When I was single, my fridge was always empty—I ate a lot of Raisin Bran for dinner.

Serena: Venus cooks more than I do because she still looks out for me. Once, when we were younger, I ran out of lunch money, and we were both hungry. Venus said, "Serena, you take my money—you go eat." And it was fried chicken day at school! I think she had the peanut butter and jelly. Sorry, Venus.

Oprah: That shows just how strong your bond is. What word best characterizes your relationship?

Venus: I'd use words like strong and close. I hate seeing children argue with their parents and siblings on TV. That sends the message that you're not supposed to get along. You shouldn't slam the door and run up to your room. We still tease our mom because she didn't allow us not to get along.


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