Oprah: So you want to get married?

Jamie: I said I think about it. That's very different from saying I want it.

Oprah: Brian McKnight has said that you're the guy to call for a great party.

Jamie: That's true. I invite artists like Whitney and Bobby, Puff, Jay-Z, and let them do their thing. In my living room, I've had Mos Def breakin' down hip-hop and Eminem breakin' down what it's like to be white. I've had Lil' Kim giving commentary on the R. Kelly situation. I've had Brian McKnight singing a Justin Timberlake song before the song came out. And I've got it all on video camera.

Puffy says, "Yo, I throw the best parties." But his elaborate parties cost him two or three million. With just $430, I can guarantee you the most incredible time of your life. Just give me two hours to pull it together. I'll order some Kentucky Fried Chicken, take it out of the bucket and put it on a plate, set out some kolah, k-o-l-a-h, in little cups, and we're on.

Oprah: So what's true and what's not? Are you a crazy party guy and a ladies' man?

Jamie: No.Yeah. No. Yeah.

Oprah: Enough said. The theme of this issue is pleasure. What brings you real pleasure?

Jamie: A sense of accomplishment. I love to plant a creative seed and watch it grow into an idea the whole world can enjoy. In that moment, I think, Wow, I did that.

Oprah: Will you continue doing stand-up?

Jamie: Absolutely.

Oprah: I've heard that if you take too long of a break from it, you lose your edge.

Jamie: True. That's why I've put the pressure back on my comedian friends, guys like Chris Rock and Bernie Mac and Cedric the Entertainer. I'm like, "Don't let this Oscar thing fool ya'. If I catch you in a club, I'm gonna let you have it."

Oprah: What do you want for your career?

Jamie: I want to maintain the integrity of my work while having some fun along the way.

Oprah: Do you feel like you've made it?

Jamie: I've proved that I can handle the work, no matter what it is.

Oprah: And are you indeed having fun?

Jamie: Yes. It's incredible. Sometimes I'll just sit on the set of Miami Vice, and a sentence will cross my mind: "And the Oscar goes to..." Whenever I go back to that moment, I know that everything is cool.


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