119 outfits, 74 hairstyles, 15 puppies, 2 convertibles, and 1 unforgettable decade. Here are Oprah's favorite O covers—and the ones she'd rather forget.
omag coverMay 2000
We've come a long way since our virgin cover. But what an exciting day!

omag coverSeptember 2000
Love this shot at my farm in Indiana. My favorite bike and Sheba following.

omag coverNovember 2000
Didn't like any of the stylist's outfits. Pulled this dress from my own closet.

omag coverApril 2001
This shoot brought me to Santa Barbara for the first time. I fell in love with the town and stayed!

omag coverNovember 2001
Had a blinding headache and heart palpitations this whole shoot. Couldn't wait to put that brush down.

omag coverDecember 2001
Had to shoot this right after Sept. 11—smiling wasn't easy.

The hardest cover to shoot and Oprah's all-time favorite


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