James C. Bonds wins O's Big Give contest.
Photo: Courtesy of Beth Boyett

In the May issue, we asked, "If you had $5,000, how would you give big?" The results were ambitious, exciting, and, above all, inspiring. Target has generously provided $5,000 grants for each of the five winners to implement their Big Give plans...and here they are...
James C. Bonds III, from Memphis, will continue his work keeping children and teenagers in his neighborhood off the streets (and out of gangs) by teaching them photography. He hopes to publish a book of their photographs.
Kathleen L. Alves wins O's Big Give contest.
Photo: Courtesy of David Alves

Kathleen L. Alves (center), from Chehalis, Washington, plans to buy equipment to provide clean, safe water for the community of Madan in Papua New Guinea, where she was part of a team that gave free healthcare to residents.
Lesslie W. Clark wins O's Big Give contest.
Photo: Patrick Convington

Lesslie W. Clark, also from Memphis, wants to ensure that the children in her community go to school with new supplies (a backpack, notebooks, and pencils) they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.
Barry Jaffin wins O's Big Give contest.
Photo: Courtesy of Barry Jaffin

Barry Jaffin (left), from New York City, wants to help New Orleans maintain its legacy of music by sending used and refurbished musical instruments to NOLA's neediest schools.
Sarah A. Hudson wins O's Big Give contest.
Photo: Courtesy of Sarah A. Hudson

Sarah A. Hudson, from Richmond, VA, has set a goal of teaching single mothers basic accounting and tax preparation skills so they can get jobs in the profession.

Congratulations to the winners, each of whom will be teamed with an expert to help make their big ideas happen. (Stay tuned for a story on the results in a future issue of O). And thanks to everyone who submitted Big Give proposals. We encourage you to find ways to make your ideas a reality—spread the word, donate the time, raise the funds, and experience the joy of giving big.


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