Oprah: Will you be unhappy if Tibet has not gained its independence before your death?

Dalai Lama: If I were to die today, I would have some concern for Tibet. But I know that I have personally done as much as I can to use my existence for others. So I have no regret.

Oprah: None?

Dalai Lama: That's right.

Oprah: Have you ever had to forgive yourself for anything?

Dalai Lama: I've had to forgive myself for small incidents, like accidentally killing an insect. My attitude toward mosquitoes and bedbugs is not very favorable or peaceful!

Oprah: Have you ever had to forgive yourself for any big mistakes?

Dalai Lama: I make small mistakes every day. But major mistakes? It doesn't seem so. I've examined my service to the Tibetan people and to humanity, and I've done as much as I can in my life.

Oprah: One last question: Every month I do a column in the magazine called "What I Know for Sure." What do you know for sure?

Dalai Lama: Altruism is the best source of happiness. There is no doubt about that.


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