Oprah: Yes, it's how you receive value. You mentioned Aisha—you've got a lot of kids....

Stevie: Five boys, two girls. I give a lot of credit to the mothers of my children. They've raised the children well. But I'm not one of those fathers who just send money. I guide them as a father and talk to them as a friend. I always want my children to feel they can tell me anything.

Oprah: And aren't you a grandfather now?

Stevie: My daughter has a little boy. He calls me Pop Pop because I refuse to be called Granddad.

Oprah: How old is he?

Stevie: Miles is 4. And I have a son who's 2.

Oprah: You're right, you're not a normal guy! Are you ever insecure?

Stevie: If I feel insecure about anything, it comes from my desire to make something better or to please someone. I fear only God. I don't fear any human. When you have that kind of spirit, you can just do what you have to do. Let it roll. I don't suggest that you always do that. I recommend highly that you sometimes just chill.

Oprah: You wouldn't be who you are if you weren't raised the way you were—if you didn't have people saying, "Hey, Stevie, you're looking the wrong way."

Stevie: Right. I lived on the rough side of Detroit. It was like, "What you gon' do, blind man?"

Oprah: Do you wonder what people look like when you meet them? And isn't being blind the ultimate in not being prejudiced?

Stevie: There are many prejudiced blind people. When you meet someone, you associate how that person sounds with who that person is.

Oprah: When you were a teenager, how did you know if a girl was pretty?

Stevie: I once met a girl, and I said to myself, She must be fine. Later someone said to me, "That's a bug-a-bear you've got." I said, "She's beautiful." And he said, "No, man—you ain't got it right." [Stevie and Oprah break into laughter.]

Oprah: Can you walk into a room and feel a vibe?

Stevie: Yes. And if I ask you, "Oprah, how does my shirt look?" and you hesitantly say, "It's nice," as opposed to "It's great!" it communicates your feelings. When you're blind, you have to pay attention to those subtleties. It's about the rhythm of communication, not just the words.


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