Oprah: Do you and Jennifer remain friends?

Sean: We're cool. But to be fair to the ones we love now, it's best that we remain friends from a distance. With Kim, I ain't got no more strikes. I can't play around. Whenever I see Kim, I still get excited. If I walk into a room and I know she's there, I'm either smiling or acting like I'm not smiling. I still feel nervous around her.

Oprah: Would you say she has been through a lot with you?

Sean: Definitely. Kim is also very intelligent. During the whole Jennifer Lopez thing, she was like, "You'll be back. Go do your thing, silly boy." I'm quite sure that was a tough time for her, but she was cool as ice. That's sexy!

Oprah: What kind of relationship do you have with your mom?

Sean: My mother likes to spend time with me. She loves me so much, and she's so proud of me. She almost killed herself to make sure I went to private schools, to expose me to travel. She made sure I never looked down on other people. She also ignited a fire in me.

Oprah: She's like legions of courageous black women.

Sean: She wanted me to be bigger than my circumstances. During the trial, she walked by me every step of the way.

Oprah: What is the purpose of your power?

Sean: To inspire others and to show people what is possible. I want my life to be about more than just fame or jewelry or parties. Hip-hop has the power to change the world. I am here to lead by example.


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