Oprah: Have there ever been things in the script that just shock you?

SJP: Me? Constantly. There's some language I just won't use.

Oprah: In the beginning, didn't you refuse to use the B word?

SJP: In the first episode.

Oprah: The P word is still hard for me.

SJP: I can't say that one! And I don't use the C word, either.

Oprah: Never. When you hear someone else say that word, doesn't it immediately put them in a separate universe in your mind?

SJP: He or she is a completely different person from then on. I don't like the F word very much, either. But it's important to me that my moral compass not be somebody else's. There's nothing more unlikable than somebody imposing their morality.

Oprah: Yes. So where do you see yourself ten years from now?

SJP: Living, breathing, and hopefully not broke.

Oprah: You'll make plenty of money in syndication.

SJP: We'll see.

Oprah: Well, you should.

SJP: I want to be clear about what I'm about to say. Relative to the rest of the world, I'm extremely well paid. But I know that almost everybody who works in network television works much less than I do and makes much more. I own the show, so when it's sold, there's something in there for me. But I'll never think I have money, because I spent so many years without. I've been financially responsible for so many people for such a long time—my family—that it's not enough to have money for myself. And it's not about luxury. It's about my mom's house payments. And my father is about to be laid off on Monday.

Oprah: Do you support him?

SJP: Absolutely. Dolly Parton once said something great. She said she told her family, "You'll get whatever you need, not whatever you want." I want to be able to give my family what they need—and every now and then, I'd like to give them what they want. I'm not profligate. But I also don't want to work superhard for another 20 years. I've been working as an actress for 30 years already. I want to be able to buy shoes and take my family on vacation.

Oprah: How many shoes do you have?

SJP: I just gave away a stack the other day. Now I have about 70 or 80 pairs.

Oprah: I consider that normal.

SJP: That's how warped the world is. We consider that normal.

Oprah: I know. When I had my closet redone, I realized that I had 190 pairs.

SJP: Is your new closet beautiful?

Oprah: I can go shopping in there.

SJP: When you try on clothes to go out, do you end up leaving a mess?

Oprah: I don't.

SJP: Well, I leave a mess and then I feel crappy about it. Before I left home today, I left a note saying, "I apologize for the state of the closet. Don't touch a thing in there! I'll clean it all up when I get back."


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