Oprah: Would Hillary Clinton make a good president?

Clinton: If she ever ran and won, she would be superb. She's a very good senator, as you see. She's got a remarkable ability to combine her vast knowledge of public policy with a human touch and extraordinary decision-making, leadership, and management skills. She was always better organized than me. She has skills I don't have.

Oprah: Now that you're at home and she's out there, how does it feel to you?

Clinton: It feels great.

Oprah: Really?

Clinton: You've got to understand, I never in my life begrudged anyone else his or her success. And I never thought that my success in life depended on holding somebody else back.

Oprah: In the book, you say you vacillated about whether to marry Hillary, because you loved her, but you also wanted the best for her.

Clinton: I did. I was terrified that it would not be good for her...

Oprah: To come to Arkansas.

Clinton: Yes. She always thought I was nuts. She said, "I'm too hardheaded. I'm too this, too that. I love public policy but I never want to run for office." And I always thought she was nuts. I said, "You just don't have any idea how good you are at this." So when she wanted to run for the Senate, I was thrilled.

Oprah: And if she wanted to run for president, would you be thrilled?

Clinton: I would be. But she really didn't want to run this time. She didn't think it was right for her, for the country, or for the Democrats. She thought, "I just came to New York. I'm going to prove I mean what I said—I'm going to serve the six years." But of course we hope that John Kerry will be elected, and you know if he wins, eight years from now she'd still be more than young enough to run. Fifty other people will have emerged by then, so it may or may not ever work out. But I'm just saying, if she ever did run and serve, she would be extraordinary. And of course she would have the benefit of two experiences I didn't have. One is all the years in the Senate; the other is the years we spent in the White House.

Oprah: What is your dream for yourself?

Clinton: I just hope I can keep finding ways to have a real impact and to do what I think should be done, both here and around the world. Every day I learn something else. I'm never bored.

Oprah: So these stories about you trying to find your bearings...

Clinton: That's total bull. I'm having the best time. I loved being president, and I would have done it till I dropped. But I know what the Constitution says. And I was mentally ready to go when I had to go.


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