Oprah: So you don't like to shop and you don't decorate. You didn't get your first check and go, "Whoa, I'm going to buy..."

Norah: No—never been like that. I'm looking to buy an apartment, which for me is a big, big expense.

Oprah: You're so responsible.

Norah: I'm really not that responsible. I like to go out to eat and buy dinner for my friends. Food is my biggest splurge.

Oprah: Couldn't tell that by looking at ya!

Norah: Well, I love to eat.

Oprah: Your favorites?

Norah: Anything spicy, like Thai and Indian.

Oprah: You seem so grounded—I love to see a woman who knows who she is. I'm proud of you.

Norah: Thank you.

Oprah: And thank you for getting up to talk with me before noon.


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