Oprah: How do you feel about your role as a mother?

Kathryn: I feel like I'm being used for a higher purpose. I've been blessed with a lot of strength. When I pray for guidance, I feel like I get it—and I try to filter it to them.
Oprah: Do you think you could do this without a spiritual foundation?

Kathryn: Never. Maybe I could do it for a bit, but not for the duration. And raising the children is really a partnership. Jim and I have known each other since we were 16 and 17, and we both come from strong families. We're lucky to be blessed with so much support from our extended families.

Oprah: Do you want more children?

Kathryn: I'm 40, and I'm not getting any younger. But I never want to just say never. [Laughs.] I probably won't say no even when I'm 55 or 60.

Oprah: Do you take precautions not to get pregnant?

Kathryn: Yes—we watch it. I know my body really well. With the baby being just a few months old...

Oprah: You don't want another one right away.

Kathryn: Correct.

Oprah: What do you say to moms who feel overwhelmed with just two or three children?

Kathryn: Do more for yourself—it's okay. It's not selfish. Exercise. Spend quiet time. It will empower you to do the work you're supposed to do. I see a lot of parents who do so much for their children that they just spin out of control. But to take care of others, you really do have to care for yourself first.

Oprah: What is your wish for yourself this Mother's Day?

Kathryn: To be thankful for all the blessings I've been given—truly.

Oprah: I bet Mother's Day is big in this house.

Kathryn: It's a fun day. The kids go out and shop for flowers; they bring me breakfast in bed—and every year, I just cry over their cards. They tear me up. One year one of the boys gave me a card that said "I thank God every night for putting me on this earth with a mother like you. You're the best mom a kid could ask for. I love you, Mom." For me, that is the greatest gift. That's all I could ever want.


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