Oprah: Would you define yourself as a supermom? If this ain't super, I don't know what is.

Kathryn: I don't define myself as a supermom. I define my husband and me as superparents. We do this together. I could never handle this alone.

Oprah: What hours does your husband work?

Kathryn: He leaves early when he drops off our son, and he's home by 6:30.

Oprah: Do you all sit down for dinner together?

Kathryn: Yes. We just bought a big round table. The children help: One gets the pitcher of water, another sets the places. I've taught a couple of them to barbecue.

Oprah: What's for dinner—chicken nuggets and fries?

Kathryn: I usually do a salad, maybe something from the grill, and I cook a lot of pasta. I make vegetables of some sort—and, of course, there's hot bread.

Oprah: Please don't tell me you make the bread.

Kathryn: No. It's Pillsbury all the way. At the table, we all tell what our day was like—my husband and I want to get our kids used to public speaking. Then if we have time and everybody's in the mood, we play American Idol. Three of us will be the judges, and the others will put on outfits and sing for us.

Oprah: You do all this during dinner?

Kathryn: After dinner. That's our time to just relax and hang out. Then they hit their studies again or we've got sports practices.

Oprah: Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Kathryn: At times I can be overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everything.

Oprah: Are you a yeller?

Kathryn: Oh, yes—I yell.

Oprah: But you don't feel like you're going crazy most of the time?

Kathryn: No.


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