Meryl: Me, too!

Nicole: Do you?

Meryl: Oh, yes.

Nicole: Then someone has to talk me back into it.

Oprah: Are you serious?

Nicole: It's terrible. It's now a running joke with my agent, Kevin Huvane. Two weeks before shooting began, I told him, "I can't do this movie. Get me out of it." And my agent, who's like a brother to me, said, "You're going to get on a plane and go make this movie."

Oprah: Meryl, why have you tried to back out?

Meryl: Because I say to myself, "I don't know how to act—and why does anybody want to look at me on-screen anymore?"

Oprah: That's a jaw-dropper—Meryl Streep thinks she can't act!

Meryl: Lots of actors feel that way. What gives you strength is also your weakness—your raging insecurity.

Oprah: Somewhere inside yourself, don't you know you're the gold standard?

Meryl: But does that help?

Oprah: Julianne, I've heard from your agent that after every film, you're sure you'll never work again.

Julianne: At the beginning of a movie, I'm scared. By the middle, I'm doubting my choices. And by the end, I'm certain I've ruined the film. Sometimes I'll even suggest other actors for the parts I'm offered.

Nicole: I do that—I suggested you!

Julianne: This is not good!

Nicole: I told my agent, "I'm telling you, Julianne would be much better in the role of Virginia Woolf than I would—she's wonderful. Tell her I'm just walking away from it because I'm not in the position to make it and I don't think I'll be any good in it."


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