Oprah: Which was 22 years ago!

Meryl: And I hold those 15 pounds against him!

Oprah: And you're still trying to get rid of them?

Meryl: I don't think I ever will. If I had to stand up right at this moment and turn around for everyone, maybe then I'd care. But the truth is that right now, I really don't care.

Oprah: You don't?

Meryl: No. This is how I look—and I'm happy with my life. Around the world, some women are living the way we were a hundred years ago in this country. It wasn't that long ago that women here couldn't own property or vote.

Julianne: When I think about Virginia Woolf wanting a room of her own, I know that's what most of us have. We have our own jobs. We can take care of ourselves and of our children. We're so lucky.


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