Nicole: But you did a cartwheel in The Seagull [the 2001 stage adaptation of Chekhov's play].

Meryl: I'm a strong girl. Genes, you know. My grandmother lived to be 93, and she didn't work out, either, which I'm sure is bad news for all the workout people. My grandmother stayed busy. I don't think we're all as active as we used to be.

Oprah: I think we're more active. When I go to the gym, I'm like, "Who are all these people here?"

Meryl: You're active, but a lot of people don't do a thing.

Nicole: Did you read that we're now supposed to exercise an hour a day?

Meryl: Yes—it's gone from 20 minutes three times a week to an hour a day.

Nicole: I used to think I was doing great working out for a half hour.

Julianne: Then you've still got to get out of your workout clothes and shower.

Oprah: On days when I'm not taping a show, I just stay in my workout clothes. Nicole, how do you keep yourself healthy?

Nicole: I like to swim.

Oprah: And I hear you never go out without a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Nicole: I feel strongly about that. There's skin cancer in my family, and I'm from Australia, which has a high incidence of it. We've got to wear sunscreen.

Oprah: At the end of the magazine, every month, I have a column called "What I Know for Sure." What do you each know for sure?

Nicole: The more you give, the more you get back. You have to stay open and trust.

Oprah: Julianne?

Julianne: It's easier to be happy than it is to be sad. Depression is very difficult.

Oprah: Meryl?

Meryl: I know that I will never, ever lose the weight I gained from my first baby!


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