Oprah: And once the age is out there, people think you can only play a certain thing.

Meryl: But I think you should say your age.

Nicole: I do say my age.

Oprah: I do, too—and I lose respect for women who lie about theirs.

Julianne: But you can understand why they hide it.

Oprah: I'm not talking about actresses—just regular people. Denying your age is like denying a part of yourself.

Nicole: Men lie about their age as well.

Meryl: A man will say, "I'm a little over 60." In other words, he's 80!

Oprah: Do you do anything to keep yourself looking this good?

Julianne: There's a whole team of professionals over there. [She points to the hairstylists and makeup artists.]

Oprah: If people only knew what a team effort it took to get us all looking like this today!

Meryl: I certainly didn't wake up looking like this.

Oprah: Julianne, do you have a health regimen? When I read that you drink a bottle of water every morning, I thought, "Gee, I once tried that for two days."

Julianne: Honestly, I just do that because I'm thirsty.

Oprah: Meryl, do you work out?

Meryl: No.

Oprah: I envy that you can look like this and not work out.

Meryl: I struggle all the time: Should I eat this or that? Julia Roberts once said that being an actress is about saying no to yourself every day—and that somehow always turns out to mean saying no to the things that make you happy! [Everyone laughs.] When I have to do a role, I at least start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


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