Oprah: And you don't intend to.

Mariane: No.

Oprah: Is that Danny's ring you're wearing?

Mariane: Yes.

Oprah: Does it comfort you?

Mariane: It's part of me.

Oprah: Do you think the U.S. government did enough to save Danny?

Mariane: That's a complicated question. The people in the house really gave everything, and none of them had ever gotten so emotionally involved in a case. In the government, it's difficult—as you know, Colin Powell wouldn't negotiate. The government is trying to keep Pakistan an ally and so they're trying to preserve that relationship. And sometimes they will sacrifice other issues.

Oprah: Did Danny's kidnappers ever try to call you?

Mariane: Yes, they did threaten me. Asra picked up the phone, but she doesn't speak Urdu, so they hung up. And then we found out that they were the actual kidnappers. Then they called one of the police and said, "We're going to kill the family."

Oprah: Do you live in fear today?

Mariane: No.

Oprah: Just to hear the news of your husband's death is one thing, but to accept that he died such a torturous death is another. When did it become a reality for you?

Mariane: Maybe today. But from the time of his death, I had my own personal jihad. It was very clear that I was going to either die or live—nothing in between. Because that same vow I had made to not let them win—I knew it was even more real at that moment. That night I remember saying, "I'm pregnant and I'm alone."

Oprah: And you decided to live.

Mariane: Yes. And if I was going to take the challenge to live, then I was going to take the challenge to be happy.

Oprah: Wow. And why did you name your son Adam? The world expected you to name him Daniel.

Mariane: Danny chose that name. Adam was the first man, and my son is also such a universal baby. He has so much different blood in his veins, because my mom is Cuban, my father is Dutch, Danny's mother was born in Iraq, and his father in Israel. Danny's American and I'm French. Adam was conceived in Bombay and then he traveled to seven countries in my belly and to another four after he was born.


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