Oprah: Do you worry about aging in general?

Madonna: Of course I do.

Oprah: Is yoga what's kept you ageless?

Madonna: That's part of it. The other part is my attitude.

Oprah: A lot of people have a great attitude—but they're still aging.

Madonna: Well, they don't have a great enough attitude. It's part lifestyle, and it's part blessing from God.

Oprah: Aren't you macrobiotic?

Madonna: I was a strict macrobiotic for a couple of years. But I just had to have a lamb chop. I fell off the macro wagon, but I'm about to get back on.

Oprah: What's most important to you now?

Madonna: My family. Loving my husband unconditionally. Raising children who feel as responsible for helping their fellow man as I do.

Oprah: What you're teaching your children is so important. I think the most powerful gift you can give a child is a strong spiritual foundation. I won't be around years from now...

Madonna: Don't say that. That's thinking in a limited way.

Oprah: Okay. It would be fascinating to see what happens to a child who is raised on the principles of Kabbalah.

Madonna: I can tell you what happens, because I've seen teenagers who've been in this Spirituality for Kids program. At 16 they're amazing human beings. They don't think it's cool to be rebellious and hate their parents. They think it's cool to be in the service of others. God willing, my children will grow up with the same principles and ideas.

Oprah: It's been said that children are a message you send into the world. What's the message you hope your kids will embody?

Madonna: That there's no such thing as fragmentation—we're all connected and responsible for one another. Also, you can want all the things in the world, go for it, ask for everything in life, but it should be for the sake of sharing.


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