Oprah: Yet it's so easy to forget that and to get bogged down in our own stuff.

Laura: It is. That's why I liked walking by the water in Austin, and I hope to find someplace to walk here in D.C. I like to be outside in all seasons.

Oprah: You've said you want to maintain some privacy while your husband is in office. Have you been able to do that?

Laura: We have a very private life. We can stay up here in our living quarters, we can go to the ranch, and we'll be able to go to Camp David. When we lived in Austin, we could go out to restaurants—and I hope we can here, too.

Oprah: There's a rumor that you've been going to a black Baptist church in D.C. Is that true?

Laura: It was a Methodist church—Lincoln Park Methodist. We went there for one Sunday, but we didn't join.

Oprah: As I've been sitting here with you today, I've noticed that you seem comfortable in your own skin. What does it mean to you to be comfortable in your skin?

Laura: Most of us get to a certain stage in life—maybe it happens when you're 54, like me—when you come to terms with who you are, what your talents are, and what your shortcomings are. That doesn't mean you don't try anymore, but—

Oprah: But you really like yourself.

Laura: You do.

Oprah: And if you don't like yourself by age 54, you're in trouble!

Laura: Both George and I have a lot of confidence in life, in other people, and in ourselves. I am confident that I'll be able to do a good job at what I know, and I am confident that my husband will be a great president. I am confident that whatever happens to us, we both have a certain inner strength that we'll always be able to call on. And I am confident in our love for each other.

Oprah: That's wonderful. I really appreciate your time. This was fun!

Laura: Thank you for coming by.


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