Oprah: When you're the best in the world as a cyclist, does that add pressure for you to be good at everything?

Lance: You know I hate to lose, but my winning doesn't need to be profitable or monumental. I could go on a five-mile run with a buddy.

Oprah: I don't know if you play Scrabble or other games...

Lance: I have to win. At all costs.

Oprah: If you're in an argument with Sheryl, do you have to win?

Lance: Not necessarily. But ask her about the first time we played tennis. She's a really good athlete. She almost beat me.

Oprah: But after you've been the best cyclist in the world...

Lance: I'm ready to chill out. People tell me, "You'll never be happy unless you're working toward something or being competitive." I disagree. I think I'm ready to relax.

Oprah: I don't think you could be happy permanently coaching T-ball. I just don't think that you can have this kind of drive, determination, and perseverance to go into the storm, to take the pain, to embrace it, and then...

Lance: I'll always get my fix of suffering on my own. I'll always want to be fit, feel good.

Oprah: Live strong. What would it mean for you to win the Tour de France again?

Lance: It would mean that all my hard work during winter and spring paid off. It's fun to win, to ride down the Champs-Elysées wearing the yellow jersey, hearing 100,000 Americans cheer. It's awesome to have my country's flag raised and to hear our national anthem. I wouldn't want it any other way.


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