Oprah: So is that the secret to your creativity?

Julie: Yes, it's not caring that you may ultimately fail. You have to stop yourself from even thinking about failing.

Oprah: I have a column in the magazine called ""What I Know for Sure",—which is a phrase I got years ago from the late Gene Siskel. What do you know for sure?

Julie: That everything amounts to nothing if you don't love someone or something. I know for sure that nothing ultimately compares to that. What I don't know for sure is what's next for me—and I don't mind that. I know for sure that whatever happens will be interesting and will challenge and excite me.

Oprah: So "What's next?" is not an important question for you?

Julie: No. Whatever it is, I have to really love it—that's what's important to me. I wouldn't have done The Lion King if I didn't believe it has something solid to say to people. When you approach it that way, you come at it with all your soul and intelligence.

Oprah: Yes—and then you can always tell the truth. This has been great, Julie. Thank you for your time.

Julie: Thank you for stopping by.


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