Oprah: So you've proven the theory that the rich, famous person can marry someone who isn't so famous—and that can be successful?

Julia: Yes. The jobs don't get married. The people get married. It sounds clichéd and I've said it a thousand times, but I do think that I am fundamentally the same relatively simple person I've always been. I just have this flashy, wacky job that confuses people into thinking that I'm somehow ultrafascinating.

Oprah: It's all about appearances and covers and what people think. But they're not seeing you barefoot on your sofa.

Julia: Right.

Oprah: Or showing off your bathroom with the new tiles. People don't realize that the image is just a small piece of your life.

Julia: Yes.

Oprah: So what has Danny brought to you that you didn't have before?

Julia: He makes me feel my most comfortable self. I don't alter myself in any way.

Oprah: I got it. He makes you more of yourself.

Julia: He does. And he points out aspects of myself, good and bad, that maybe I don't pay attention to. He shines light, so I can really see what's there and not shy away from it.

Oprah: Now I see how the relationship can work—but in the beginning, it must be intimidating for anyone to approach you. I can't imagine how I could break that wall if I were a cameraman on your movie.

Julia: On the set, I get pretty relaxed. These guys see me at 5 in the morning, when I come stumbling onto the set like "What the hell is goin' on?" In those circumstances, you can see what a person's really made of. Some great friendships can be formed because you see one another at your best and worst.

Oprah: I think some of the best bonds in the world are made while making movies.

Julia: Absolutely. You go through what it would take a lifetime of normal circumstances to see in a person—stressed-out, maxed-out, exhausted, not knowing which end is up. And you rely on each other so much. So I think that had a profound effect on our friendship. Danny is such a great listener and a great communicator. He majored in psychology in college, and I remember saying to my sister one time that he can basically fix all my problems. Perfect!

Oprah: Did you have a friendship first?

Julia: For a really long time. I could see how wonderful he was, but we were both in relationships at the time, so we were just friends.


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