Oprah: Did you get off and think about the people you didn't thank?

Julia: Yes. Like Erin Brockovich?

Oprah: When you're up there, you don't even know what you're saying. I remember last year when I got the Humanitarian Award at the Emmys, I turned around to walk off the stage with Tom Hanks and I said to myself, "Did that really just happen?" It's out-of-body. What's it like once it settles in?

Julia: It certainly didn't settle in that night.

Oprah: What does an Oscar mean to an actress? Is it validation? Is it honor?

Julia: Well, it's a total honor. It's thrilling, and on the one hand, it means a lot of things, and on the other hand, it doesn't really mean anything. It's a moment in time.

Oprah: What did you love about making Mona Lisa?

Julia: I thought I was so lucky to meet all these young girls who had parts. [Her costars include Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.] There's a great crop of supertalented actresses now.

Oprah: So you're playing their teacher, their mentor. Did you mind taking on the role of an older woman?

Julia: It was great. I'll do anything for the best part.

Oprah: Would you ever be naked in a movie?

Julia: No. That's just not part of my experience.

Oprah: Even if a role calls for it and you had to do it?

Julia: I don't have to do anything, and I've never felt the pressure.

Oprah: What do you see for yourself in the next five years? Do you want children?

Julia: Danny and I will definitely have a family. I can't wait to have kids, Oprah; I just can't wait to hold a baby in my arms.

Oprah: Big family?

Julia: We'd like enough for a team.

Oprah: Sounds like a lot of work.

Julia: But this is coming out of the mouth of the girl who doesn't have any kids. So I might have one and go, "Okay, so we're done with that."

Oprah: Right. Well, thank you for having me in your home today. I really feel richer for having talked with you.

Julia: Thank you. I'm so glad you came.

P.S. We shut down the mikes and went off to the kitchen for margaritas and an extended chat around the kitchen table. What fun!


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